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Who goes around thinking about their water heater? It just doesn't happen until it is almost too late. If that time has come in your home or business, carefully consider a tankless water heater. It may cost more in the beginning but the benefits will grow over time. It is obviously better for the environment and will save you big $$$ on future water bills.
Your first decision is to determine if a qualified area plumber is able to properly fix your current broken-down model. You may even want to bypass that step as putting a band aid on a gaping wound. Here is a benchmark for that decision. If you determine that the labor cost of repair rather than replacement averages less than $50 per year over the remaining life of the warranty, then it is an option.

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Fall Plumbing Tips

Most of us may not want to think about it, but summer will be over soon. One more holiday, then back to school and back to the autumn and winter routines. Your plumbing does not respect the change of seasons. It only knows that when the weather changes it will be subject to harsh changes in climate. It is up to you and your family plumber to be ready for them.

Here are a few valuable tips for the upcoming season…
  1. Have well-insulated pipes. The first cold snap may be your pipe's waterloo.
  2. Inspect even the smallest of leaks while the weather is good.
  3. If the water is turned off do the pipes rattle?
  4. Do not unclog your drains with harsh chemicals (A tip for 365 days a year)
  5. Hire someone to inspect all of the pipes around your home.
When it comes to plumbing it is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry. If you live in the Naperville-Plainfield-Aurora, Geneva-Batavia-St.Charles or Wheaton-Winfield-Warrenville-Glen Ellyn area call AquaTech Plumbing at 630-416-3555, 630-377-9555, or 630-462-3555 any time any day. Aquatech is your full-service fall check-up Chicagoland plumbing company