Battery Back-Ups & Back-Up Sump Pumps

AquaTech Plumbing offers the best back-up pumps and battery back-up systems on the market, so you can prevent your basement from flooding.

We have seen the damage from flooded basements caused by poor performance of the primary pump and the lack of a battery back-up sump pump. We offer systems with the “latest and greatest” in technology and also offer the “no bells and whistles” systems that are still of the best quality.

When it comes to a back-up system, if you can’t rely on it in a crisis, why buy it? Save your money. Installation of the right system, with quality that you can rely on, is an AquaTech Plumbing specialty.

Because water in a basement weakens the foundation, a back-up system should be in every home with a basement, finished or not.
Two pumps (primary pump & back-up sump sump)
Battery back ups in Chicago, IL
Battery Back-Up System with primary pump
Back Up Sump Pumps in Chicago, IL
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Backup sump pumps allow for maximum protection against flooding. For installation of battery backup sump pumps contact our highly skilled plumbers today. Get the added protection of battery sump pumps from our skilled plumbers who are highly experienced with sump pump repair and installing sump pumps. You can depend on quality work and friendly professional service from us. We install Zoeller back up pumps, Pro Series battery backups, Ion back up bumps and Storm Pro backup pumps.
Looking for backup sump pumps? Contact us today for battery backup sump pumps and experienced with sump pump repair, as well as installing sump pumps.
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